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I AM CLOSED FOR COMMISSIONS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I'm just trying to stay sane through a pandemic, same as you. Take care, friends.

Want a piece of original, printable digital art? My usual types of commissions are listed below with sample prices. If you're looking for something completely different, that's okay! Contact me and we'll work something out.

Pet and People Portraits


HECK YEAH, let me draw your pets and/or your beautiful face!

Base price for a full color portrait: $100

Add detailed background:  add $50+

Add another pet or a person: add $50+ each

Price variations depend on how detailed stuff is and how busy I am at the time or order. (November-December and May-June are typically my busiest times of year.)

RP Characters

Whether you've got a very specific idea of your character's appearance or need help fleshing them out, I'm always happy to draw them! Prices may vary a bit due to different levels of detail, but here's an idea:

Base price for full color character portrait: $60

Add a detailed background: add $20+

Add another character: add $20+ each

Custom Coloring Pages

Coloring books were my full-time job during the adult coloring book boom and are still one of my favorite things to make! See any of my coloring books for examples of my work--or the custom pages below.


Base price for a custom coloring page (one person/pet, simple background): $30 

Add a person/pet/baby T-rex: add $15+

Add a detailed background: add +$15

Book Illustrations


If you're looking for an illustrator for your book and have a budget for an artist, shoot me an email and we'll see if we're a good fit! 


Note: I don't do unpaid or "for exposure" illustration work/collabs, except with people I know well. Like, if we're not at "Check out this mole on my butt cheek and tell me if I'm dying" friendship level, I expect pay. (And if we are at "Look at my butt cheek mole" level, I owe you.)

For more information on what you can expect of me as an artist, check out my not-so-fine print here.

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