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Theo meant to be a novelist and wound up a coloring book tycoon instead. Using their MFA in Writing from Hamline University, they've created several popular adult coloring books, including bestseller Unicorns Are Jerks, plus assorted comics and illustrations. They're still working on the novelist thing, writing YA and adult SFF with strong female and non-binary leads, queerness galore, jokes, and feelings. Their work is repped by Naomi Davis at BookEnds Literary.

The San Francisco Book Review once called Theo's work "what an adult coloring book should be." A friend once called Theo "The Meal-and-a-Halfinator" for three days because they helped her eat a breakfast platter. 

Theo is currently buried under a pile of needy cats in St. Paul, Minnesota, with their partner and young child.


(Theo is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns if you please. Or if you don't please. Other people's identities are not really yours to decide. What a relief that all that pressure is off your shoulders!)

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